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Why Use a Clipping Service? 

Benefits of Using a Coupon Clipping Service:

*Stock up on items that are rock bottoms prices without buying tons of newspapers.

* You do not have to spend hours cutting out coupons!

*You do not have to organize your coupons for months and then hunt them down.

If you find items on sale that your family will use PLUS there is a coupon to go with that sale item, this is the time to stock up!

Save Even More with Our Coupon Club, you can order Clipped Coupons week after week with one LOW payment! Check out the Details HERE

Monthly Coupon Plan

Want to Order Whole Coupons?


Coupon Inserts (Shipping Included in Price)

See more details about the Weekly Plans Here.

Our Shipping Schedule

**All Orders Placed before 1:00 PM EST will ship out the same day. All Orders Placed on Saturday after 1:00pm, will ship out Monday! 

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** All coupons and coupon inserts are FREE, you are paying for a service to clip, sort, and ship out orders. All of our coupons have been bought legally. 

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